Nazanin Noori (Persian: نازنین نوری‎ ; IPO: [ˈnɑːzəniːn ˈnʊəri/]) is an artist, who lives and works in Berlin. Her interdisciplinary work includes sound art, performance, installation, direction for theater and radio plays, and text. 


With a formal education in theater, film and media studies, Noori addresses the merging of sound, space, sculpture and post-dramatic poetry, focussing on atmospheric narratives.


She has worked at Deutsches Theater, Schauspiel Frankfurt, Schauspiel Hannover and Berliner Ensemble. Her sound performances have been inter alia staged at Berliner Festspiele, Villa Massimo, Berghain Garden, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, as well as Schauspielhaus Zürich.


Her debut album FARCE was released in 2020 on enmossed. In the same year, she had a residency at Junge Akademie der Künste in Berlin. Her sound, room and video installation AMBIENT ROOM was on view at EIGEN + ART Lab in Berlin in 2021. Her latest sound and room installation APOLOGY was on view at Akademie der Künste in Berlin in 2022. Nazanin Noori produces sound scenarios inter alia for Malmö-based Retreat Radio and Berlin-based Refuge Worldwide.



06 / 2022


Nazanin Noori has produced a 5-minute NOISE AMBIENT HARDCORE piece for the compilation "Virgin Forest" on traumgarten that is out now. 

Listening with a hi-fi sound-system is highly recommended in order to experience the power of sound. The music is not available on any streaming platform, but Bandcamp.

Mixing: James Ginzburg
Mastering: Glyn Maier

From somewhere that is nowhere, traumgarten presents "Virgin Forest" – 21 sonic renditions of unadulterated beauty emerging from their cocoons for the first time. Insulated from the dogma of mass consciousness, every track is its own unique sanctuary, yielding only to the creative urges of its maker. Their second benefit compilation harvests the dreams of globally and cosmically diverse protagonists, with otherworldly sounds spanning the spectrum, from ambient meditations and percussive tribal fantasia to bass heavy club concoctions and glitched-out grooves. An ode to parallel universes, dormant desires, and all the unexplored paths of our finite existence. 

All proceeds from this compilation will be split between three organisations: 'Alianza Arkana', a grassroots organization committed to the protection, development and wellbeing of the Peruvian Amazon and the indigenous Shipibo-Konibo peoples; 'Everyday Refugees', a foundation that aids refugees, local communities, and people internally displaced by war; and 'Bridges Over Borders', a community-based collective offering support to BIPoC, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalised individuals fleeing Ukraine.


06 / 2022

WIRED (sound performance, installation)

at Klangteppich, Festival for music of the Iranian diaspora, at Theater Aufbau.


Azin Zahedi (santoor), Shabnam Parvaresh (bass clarinet), Farahnaz Hatam (electronics), Nazanin Noori (electronics) and Haleh Redjaian (installation) have worked on a piece that deals with the technical peculiarities of telegraphy in the relationship between sound, space and musical communication, with its significance in geopolitical power struggles of European powers in Iran and as an instrument for organizing civil disobedience. The ensemble awakens buried perceptions of telegraphy as noise music and installation, recalling the evolution of electronic music from communications technology.

03 / 2022

APOLOGY (text, audio play, installation)

Nazanin Noori's APOLOGY was staged at Akademie der Künste as part of the exhibition 'What Matters' from March 13 to April 09, 2022.

APOLOGY is a lyrical drama in two acts. Originally conceived as a theatre play, it consists of a text, an audio play and an installation. The piece describes a liminal place that is periodically haunted by the deceased characters of the story. In the ruins of an amusement park in the Christian limbo, the protagonists wait for their judgement of the dead and are accompanied by a commentator, drums and the voice of God singing. The piece ends with a confrontation between Little Edgar and a lamb called Oskar. It is a grotesque secession of Socrates’ defence speech in Plato’s “Apology of Socrates” and Empedocles’ justification manners in Friedrich Hölderlin’s “The Death of Empedocles”.


The exhibition features an excerpt from the 31-minute long audio play in English language, presented in a static stage space. The entire audio play was premiered at the closing event of the exhibition.


Written and produced by: Nazanin Noori

Recorded at the Studio for Electroacoustic Music, Akademie der Künste, with the support of Julian Jackson

Mixed by: James Ginzburg

Starring: Kate Strong as 'Mother Kate' / Edgar Eckert as 'Little Edgar / Ria as 'Auntie Maria' / Oskar Suenkel as 'Oskar The Lamb' / Nazanin Noori as 'The Commentator / Brendan Doughtery as 'The Drummer' / Patrick Mason as 'The Voice Of God'


Kindly supported by Lars Murasch from ”Murasch and Sons” and Sebastian Grimm from “Einklang HiFi”.


10 / 2021

HAAL (performance)

Nazanin Noori performs 'HAAL' at the ICC Berlin as part of Berliner Festspiele's 'The Sun Machine Is Coming Down'.

'HAAL' is a post-industrial composition that blends atmospheric modular synth drones together with samples from traditional ethnic hymns and chants of the Sufis. Drones appear in pop culture, mainly in films, as spherical sound surfaces or as sentimental markers characterised by their atmospheric roaring sound and meditative monotony. 'HAAL' refers to the Sufist state of ḥāl, which involves leaving habitual consciousness in order to develop an internal sensorial world separate from that of the musician.


08 / 2021

AMBIENT ROOM (walk-in sound, room and video installation)

'AMBIENT ROOM' is a walk-in sound, room and video installation at EIGEN+ART Lab by Nazanin Noori, in which the artist makes the transition between the states of being her subject of discussion, restaging the gallery into a liminal space. 

"Due to being in the first generation to have access to constant and infinite war reportage in real time, we experience an extent culture of political despair. With 'AMBIENT ROOM', I intend to build a space, in which our understanding of sonic and visual syntaxes get shifted. A space that therefor allows us to turn inwards. I intend to provoke a mental state that loosens a structure of thinking. Accordingly all elements in the installation resist obvious imagery and pave the way for ritual detachment from the prevailing orders of perception."

The walk-in sound, room and video installation performs a 13-minute ritual ambient piece and stages a room in room theatre, in which a video piece is displayed on a screen.

"To me, music is sacral and music is equal, is utopic. My interdisciplinary work roots in sound. I produce music, I write sound poetry, I direct radio plays, I collect and re-contextualize ritual music - in my theatre work I bring these strands together. Catharsis and Deep Listening are therefore interconnected to me."

'AMBIENT ROOM' is supposed to enable an inner dialogue on the raw, the distant and the mantric. An ambient performance that experiments with the expansion of consciousness, performing the spiritual quality of music. The work is a tribute to Antonin Artaud's 'Theatre Of Cruelty', to mindfulness and to Pauline Oliveros' 'Sonic Meditation', 'Deep Listening' and her silent activism.

Kindly supported by Lars Murasch from Murasch and Sons, Sebastian Grimm from Einklang Hifi, KEF, Etritanë Emini with her camera work, as well as Phil Maier with the audio mastering.


08 / 2021

AMBIENT HARDCORE (performance)

Nazanin Noori has performed at Haus der Kulturen der Welt as part of Transmediale's 'Out Of Doors'.

She presented Dark Ambient, Contemporary Classical, Drone and Chant, combining Sufi devotional music with manipulated and unreleased tracks by the producer herself at Haus der Kulturen der Welt as part of Transmediale’s ‘Out Of Doors’.


The performance refered to the Sufist state of ḥāl and Pauline Oliveros’s Deep Listening methods, which involve leaving habitual conciousness in order to develop an internal sensorial world separate from that of the musician.


08 / 2021

HANGOUT (sound scenario)

Nazanin Noori has performed a sound scenario at Berghain Garten, as a part of the Hangout series.


07 / 2021

EDITED ARTS (sound scenario)

Nazanin Noori has recorded a sound scenario for Edited Art's CORRESPONDENCE series that will be memoralised on a USB and stored in a buried time capsule.

06 / 2021

GRÜNTON (performance)

Nazanin Noori performed one hour of Dark Ambient, Contemporary Classical, Power Electronics, Trip Hop, Drone and Chant and an hour of devotional music of the Sufis from South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East in the mix with manipulated and unreleased music from the producer herself at the Grünton Festival at Schauspielhaus Zürich.

06 / 2021

TEHRAN NIGHT (sound scenario)

Nazanin Noori has recorded a sound scenario for Deep House Tehran's Tehran Night mix series. 

04 / 2021

EPILOGUE (mini drama)

Nazanin Noori wrote a lyrical graphic mini-drama for a publication of the Akademie der Künste "Who were we, You and I?" The drama is called 'EPILOGUE'.


The plot: A is seeking dialogue with B yet again, after a break-up. B is tired of fighting with A. B tries to find excuses to end the conversation. A feels unheard. B feels threatened. A kills B. A kid appears out of nowhere, searching for the way home. A is paralyzed. The kid leaves A. A goes insane. A commits suicide. The chorus in the play directs the situation displayed. The play does not end.

02 / 2021

AMBIENT HARDCORE (bimonthly radio show)

'AMBIENT HARDCORE' is a mix series by Nazanin Noori on Refuge Worldwide, a community radio station based in Berlin. A bimonthly hour of Dark Ambient, Contemporary Classical, Power Electronics, Trip Hop, Drone, Chant and Noise in the mix with manipulated and unreleased music from the producer.

08 / 2020

FARCE (album)

Nazanin Noori's debut album 'FARCE' is going to be released on enmossed


The cassette contains two tracks, each at 40 minutes in length. They both tell the story of a group of people that unduly fear a pothole in a road surface. They talk themselves into a rage in order to find out that the pothole is no danger to them, after a kid sets its foot inside. The first track tells the story from the perspective of the road and the second track tells the story from the perspective of the pothole.


Title: FARCE

Format: Album (Cassette, Digital)

Label: enmossed







Mastering: Martijn Comes

06 / 2019

POMP (bimonthly radio show)

'POMP' is a sound scenario series by Nazanin Noori on Retreat Radio, an independent Malmö-based radio station. The series is broadcast monthly. A podcast that descents into the backdoor of the pompous. With Esoterica, Sound Poetry and Acid Folk.


10 / 2019

CENTER SHIFT #1 (soundtrack)

'CENTER SHIFT #1' is the first episode of a series by Cemile Sahin. Nazanin Noori and Salem Rashid have produced the score for this work that is recently shown at the Ars Viva exhibition in the GFZK in Leipzig.


11 / 2019

REGIME OF LOVE (theatre play)

text by Tanja Šljivar at Deutsches Theater Berlin, Box.


A post-apocalyptic story. The last human being and two probands try out emotional violence. There is no voice of reason, but a regime of love that regains its power by choreographing a fight. Without society. All actors celebrate the new love. 

Director, Music: Nazanin Noori

Stage and Costume Designers: Carla Satoca Berges, Vanessa Vadineanu

Dramaturgy: David Heiligers

Animation: Lukas Kühleitner

Assistant Director: Nora Auerbach, Marike Flömer

Assistant Stage and Costume Designer: Zoë Hoellerer

With Caner Sunar, Jan Breustedt, Maral Keshavarz and Edgar Eckert.​

Sponsoring by Dyson GmbH. 


04 / 2018

VENUS AND ADONIS (audio theatre play)

based on the dramatic poem by William Shakespeare, adapted by Nazanin Noori at Deutsches Theater Berlin, Box.


Mars has a drinking problem. He is left by his beloved. Venus falls in love with a mortal. He rejects her, she is suffering from her love. Adonis is a freak. He falls in love with a cow. He tries to eat the animal. The cow is a murderer. A spring pheasant's eye.

A metadramatic mistake. A hypnoacoustic pressure ulcer.

Director: Nazanin Noori

Stage Designer: Ole Meergans

Costume Designer: Rahwa Oreyon

Video: Cemile Sahin

Music: Niklas Kraft, Etkin Cekin

With Caner Sunar, Edgar Eckert, Maria Ahmed, Thomas David Mairs.


 06 / 2017

MOTHER (live radio play)

based on T. S. Eliot's 'The Hollow Men', Walt Whitman's 'Song Of Myself', Vladimir Mayakovsky's 'Tragedy' and Einar Schleef's 'Mothers', adapted by Nazanin Noori at Staatsschauspiel Hannover, Cumberlandsche Galerie (Montagsbar).


Nazanin Noori has edited different poetic pieces from the 20th century that merge into a growling chant of a son that lost his mother. Two actors and two singers tell the story of disappearance. 

A live doom metal and drone radio play.

Director, Stage Designer: Nazanin Noori

Music: Daniel Nerlich

With Daniel Nerlich, Johanna Bantzer, Christoph Müller, Nazanin Noori.



10 / 2016

THE INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY AND ITS FUTURE (sound and room installation)

by Theodore Kaczynski, adapted by Nazanin Noori at Staatsschauspiel Hannover, as part of 'Das große Anadigiding-Ende-Gelände'.

'The Industrial Society And Its Future' is a manifesto that was written by a terrorist. In a radio play installation Nazanin Noori analyses Theodore Kaczynskis self-refuting dialectic argumentation, analyzing its fragility.

Director: Nazanin Noori

With Günther Harder, Joachim Müller, Nazanin Noori. 


08 / 2016

THE COCKROACH THE PEST THE GLARE (audio drama installation)

text by Cemile Sahin at Staatsschauspiel Hannover, Cumberlandsche Galerie.

'THE COCKROACH' is a dramatic mini-series by Cemile Sahin, telling the story of a reunion of a dead man with his mother.  The first part of the play that is called 'THE PEST THE BLARE' is the story of a dead man passing by his dead mother and brother that do not acknowledge each other.

Director, Costume Designer, Music: Nazanin Noori

Stage Designer: Cemile Sahin, Ole Meergans

With Laura Friedmann, Yves Dudziak, Niklas Binzberger, Katharina Zerr, Nazanin Noori.