Nazanin Noori (Persian: نازنین نوری‎ ; IPO: [ˈnɑːzəniːn ˈnʊəri/]) is an Iranian artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. Her work includes theater and radio play direction, music and text.

She is the daughter of Hamid Noori and Mahboobeh Moushidi.

Nazanin Noori makes the fusion of sound, space, sculpture and postdramatic poetry her subject of discussion, focussing on atmospheric narratives.


She studied theater, film and media sciences at Goethe University in Frankfurt and worked at Deutsches Theater, Schauspiel Frankfurt and Schauspiel Hannover.


She hosts 'POMP', a sound scenario series on Malmö-based Retreat Radio. Her music extends across Esoterica, Dark Ambient, Drones and Sound Poetry.


Nazanin Noori is an artist-in-residence at the Young Academy of the Arts in Berlin. 

04 / 2021

APOLOGY / APOLOGIE (drama, radio play, installation)

A conversation between a tyrant and his mother in the hereafter / Romeo and Juliet, having an argument in the hereafter / a choir, commenting on what is happening in this world.

During her residency at the Young Academy of the Arts, Nazanin Noori writes a theatre play in both English and German, which is called 'Apology / Apologie'.

It is based on Friedrich Hölderin's 'The Death of Empedocles' and Plato's 'Apology of Socrates'. Furthermore it is a lyrical secession of Socrates' defence speech, who is about to be executed and and an analysis of Empedocles' justification manners, right before he threw himself in the Mount Etna.


'Apologie' will be realized as a radio play / spoken opera and installed in a static stage room.

Director, Music, Text, Installation: Nazanin Noori

08 / 2020

FARCE (album)

Nazanin Noori's debut album 'FARCE' is going to be released on enmossed


The cassette contains two tracks, each at 40 minutes in length. They both tell the story of a group of people that unduly fear a pothole in a road surface. They talk themselves into a rage in order to find out that the pothole is no danger to them, after a kid sets its foot inside. The first track tells the story from the perspective of the road and the second track tells the story from the perspective of the pothole.


Title: FARCE

Format: Album (Cassette, Digital)

Label: enmossed







Mastering: Martijn Comes

06 / 2019

POMP (monthly radio show)

'POMP' is a sound scenario series by Nazanin Noori on Retreat Radio, an independent Malmö-based radio station. The series is broadcast monthly. A podcast that descents into the backdoor of the pompous. With Esoterica, Sound Poetry and Acid Folk.



10 / 2019

CENTER SHIFT #1 (soundtrack)

'CENTER SHIFT #1' is the first episode of a series by Cemile Sahin. Nazanin Noori and Salem Rashid have produced the score for this work that is recently shown at the Ars Viva exhibition in the GFZK in Leipzig.


11 / 2019

REGIME OF LOVE (theatre play)

by Tanja Šljivar at Deutsches Theater Berlin, Box.


A post-apocalyptic story. The last human being and two probands try out emotional violence. There is no voice of reason, but a regime of love that regains its power by choreographing a fight. Without society. All actors celebrate the new love. 

Director, Music: Nazanin Noori

Stage and Costume Designers: Carla Satoca Berges, Vanessa Vadineanu

Dramaturgy: David Heiligers

Animation: Lukas Kühleitner

Assistant Director: Nora Auerbach, Marike Flömer

Assistant Stage and Costume Designer: Zoë Hoellerer

With Caner Sunar, Jan Breustedt, Maral Keshavarz and Edgar Eckert.

Sponsoring by Dyson GmbH. 


04 / 2018

VENUS AND ADONIS (theatre play)

based on the dramatic poem by William Shakespeare, adapted by Nazanin Noori at Deutsches Theater Berlin, Box.


Mars has a drinking problem. He is left by his beloved. Venus falls in love with a mortal. He rejects her, she is suffering from her love. Adonis is a freak. He falls in love with a cow. He tries to eat the animal. The cow is a murderer. A spring pheasant's eye.

A metadramatic mistake. A hypnoacoustic pressure ulcer.

Director: Nazanin Noori

Stage Designer: Ole Meergans

Costume Designer: Rahwa Oreyon

Video: Cemile Sahin

Music: Niklas Kraft, Etkin Cekin

With Caner Sunar, Edgar Eckert, Maria Ahmed, Thomas David Mairs.


 06 / 2017

MOTHER (live radio play)

based on T. S. Eliot's 'The Hollow Men', Walt Whitman's 'Song Of Myself', Vladimir Mayakovsky's 'Tragedy' and Einar Schleef's 'Mothers', adapted by Nazanin Noori at Staatsschauspiel Hannover, Cumberlandsche Galerie (Montagsbar).


Nazanin Noori has edited different poetic pieces from the 20th century that merge into a growling chant of a son that lost his mother. Two actors and two singers tell the story of disappearance. 

A live doom metal and drone radio play.

Director, Stage Designer: Nazanin Noori

Music: Daniel Nerlich

With Daniel Nerlich, Johanna Bantzer, Christoph Müller, Nazanin Noori.



01 / 2017


by Cemile Sahin at Staatsschauspiel Hannover, Cumberlandsche Galerie (Montagsbar).

THE COCKROACH is a dramatic mini-series by Cemile Sahin, telling the story of a reunion of a dead man with his mother.  The second part of the play that is called THE STEELWORK is a reminiscence of his time as a worker in a dialogue with the elderly.

Director, Costume Designer, Music: Nazanin Noori

Stage Designer: Ole Meergans

Video: Cemile Sahin

With Hagen Oechel and a choir. 



10 / 2016


by Theodore Kaczynski, adapted by Nazanin Noori at Staatsschauspiel Hannover, Das große Anadigiding-Ende-Gelände.

The Industrial Society And Its Future is a manifesto that was written by a terrorist.  In a radio play installation Nazanin Noori analyses Theodore Kaczynskis dialectic argumentation that is self-refuting in its fragility.

Director: Nazanin Noori

With Günther Harder, Joachim Müller, Nazanin Noori. 



08 / 2016


by Cemile Sahin at Staatsschauspiel Hannover, Cumberlandsche Galerie (Montagsbar).

THE COCKROACH is a dramatic mini-series by Cemile Sahin, telling the story of a reunion of a dead man with his mother.  The first part of the play that is called THE PEST THE BLARE is the story of a dead man passing by his dead mother and brother that do not acknowledge each other.

Director, Costume Designer, Music: Nazanin Noori

Stage Designer: Cemile Sahin, Ole Meergans

With Laura Friedmann, Yves Dudziak, Niklas Binzberger, Katharina Zerr, Nazanin Noori.



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